A Handy Guide For When You Move


Following these tips can take confusion out of the journey to your new home – whether it’s down the block or across the country.

  • List the things you want to move, throw out or give away. Be strict; the fewer items to move, the easier the job.
  • Alert the post office. Request their special kit designed to insure that your mail won’t be interrupted.
  • Request medical, dental and academic records. Make sure you have them all well in advance of the move.
  • Choose a moving company. Ask for references from former customers.
  • Talk to friends or relatives who have moved recently – learn from their mistakes.
  • Plan the move. What items should be given special attention? How long will the move take? Who can help?
    Try to anticipate problems. Will the move take place around a holiday? Could highway construction delay your plans? Could weather pose a serious threat?



  • Call the power company and phone company – arrange for any services you’ll need at the new house. Go the the BUYING menu for helpful phone numbers.
  • Notify insurance companies for health, home owners, life, auto, etc.
  • Confirm departure and arrival dates with everyone concerned; mover, realton, relatives, people you’re buying the house from, etc.
  • Book motel rooms, rental cars, etc. if necessary.
  • Start to pack. Begin with valuable and rarely used items.
  • Make sure all boxes are labeled.
  • Involve your children in the move. Bring them in on planning sessions and have them help with packing.
  • Determine what special items you’ve added to the house that should be moved: lighting fixtures, security system, etc.
  • Have your prescriptions refilled.



  • Transfer bank accounts to your new area. Notify credit card and insurance companies and complete any forms required, so coverage will continue. If you have a safety deposit box, don’t forget to remove all items and arrange a new box at your new bank.
  • Confirm dates and details of new phone and electric service.
  • Mail change of address cards. Send to Post Office, Charge Accounts, Friends, Relatives, Subscription – Magazines, Books and Records.
  • Return anything you may have borrowed; ask for important items back by a certain date.
  • Review arrival date and time with people from whom you are buying your new house.
  • Make sure any repairs, changes or additions agreed to for the new house are on schedule.
  • Review your progress in packing. Make a list of items to be packed at the last minute.



  • Discontinue all unnecessary services such as newspaper delivery, laundry, clubs, organizations, garbage collection, etc.
  • Set date for termination of gas, water, electric and fuel delivery. Don’t forget your cellular telephone, water softener rental, water heater rental, and cable TV.
  • Arrange to have the telephone service stopped one day after you move.
  • Reconfirm all arrangements at new location.
  • Have gas, water and electric meters read.
  • Outline the plan for moving day to family and movers. Who will be responsible for what?
  • Set a schedule and stick to it.
  • Make a general inspection of your house to determine if you’ve forgotten anything.



  • Defrost refrigerator and dry thoroughly to avoid mildew.
  • Leave keys and any necessary legal papers with your Realtor.



  • Remove all personal property.
  • Vacuum the floors.
  • Clean kitchen appliances, inside the refrigerator and oven, and wipe down counters.
  • Scour sinks and tubs.
  • Wipe down interior cabinets and shelves.
  • Wash tile and vinyl / linoleum flooring.



  • Remove personal belongings.
  • Throw away trash.
  • Properly dispose of toxic chemicals.
  • Sweep the floor.
  • Stack items pertaining to the home such as paint cans, roofing materials or extra flooring.


In essence, leave the home in the condition that you would like to find your new home. Remember, the new home owners might receive some of your mail by mistake or packages over the holidays. It’s a good idea to stay on pleasant terms with the new buyers, and it’s also the right thing to do.

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